6 Superfractors in 8 Days!

We went on an amazing run the other day with Superfractors.  To be honest, had I not pulled them myself I do not think I would’ve believed it either.

I am not knew to superfractors.  I pulled both the Dylan Bundy auto superfractor and the Manny Banuelos auto superfractor in 2011.  However, there is still nothing better than opening a pack of cards and seeing that telltale superfractor border and knowing that you hit the hobby’s Holy Grail.

In 8 days, we hit the following supers:

1.  2011 Bowman Chrome Wandy Rodriguez
2. 2012 Bowman Sterling Miguel Sano
3. 2012 Bowman Sterling Trevor Bauer
4. 2012 Bowman Chrome Brandon Phillips
5. 2012 Bowman Draft Ty Hensley AUTO
6. 2012 Bowman Sterling Sean Nolin

The best is when you open the pack and see the superfractor border, but you are not quite sure if it is an auto or not. Here is a video of the Ty Hensley:

To watch more superfractor pulls, check out my superfractor playlist!

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