1975 Topps Baseball PSA 8 Random Player Set Break

Some baseball sets are just iconic.  1975 Topps is that set for me – I just love the pure 70s design. The 1975 Topps baseball set has a few…

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2013 Museum Collection Box Breaks

We opened a few boxes last night and hit some crazy cards. My personal favorite is the Mike Schmidt momentous moments auto jumbo relic – because it went…

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Two Bowman Golden Debut Contracts in Two Years!

For the second year in a row, I hit a Bowman Golden Ticket in a group break! What are the odds of that? Crazy! Last year I hit…

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Thoughts on 30+ Cases of 2013 Bowman

I ran 2 separate group breaks of 2013 Bowman (so far).  I ran a 10 case jumbo break on the BlowoutCards forum and a 20 hobby case player…

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Bryce Harper for Everyone!

Bryce Harper is on an amazing tear. A few weeks ago I was pulling a Harper auto every night – I think we pulled almost 10 Harper autos…

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One Amazing Box Break

I was done broadcasting for the night and ready to log off when Eduardo said, “How about one more box…” It is funny really – because that is…

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The Final Superfractor

So, yeah, the last night of April and we hit our 7th super for the month.  A Japanese player who never played here beyond 2009 (although he may…

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6 Superfractors in 8 Days!

We went on an amazing run the other day with Superfractors.  To be honest, had I not pulled them myself I do not think I would’ve believed it…

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