Thoughts on 30+ Cases of 2013 Bowman

I ran 2 separate group breaks of 2013 Bowman (so far).  I ran a 10 case jumbo break on the BlowoutCards forum and a 20 hobby case player auction on hhoc.

The 2 big draws were Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa.  In 30+ cases, I only hit 6 Buxton autos (5 base and 1 ref) and 3 Correa autos (1 base, 1 blue, 1 gold).  However, I hit 10 autos of a few different names in the auction.

Here are the auto breakdown spreadsheets:  20 hobby case player auction and 10 jumbo case player draft.

What are my thoughts?  Well…

  1. Non-auto color is hard to come by.  They ran the presses and you will have trouble getting any color in your box at all.  This is for both hobby and jumbo.
  2. Auto color is more plentiful in jumbo.  We had several cases with just 1 blue auto in hobby – probably 25% of hobby cases are this way.  Even jumbo can disappoint as at least one jumbo box per case will have only 3 base autos without even a refractor.
  3. The minis are nice, but they are not selling particularly well.  I only hit a handful of reds /5 and no supers – but the images I have seen of the supers are awesome.
  4. The inserts are much improved overall.  The minis and Top 100 inserts are chrome instead of paper – a huge plus.  The sapphire inserts are striking, but too plentiful to ever be valuable.
  5. The white ice 1/1 and the black ice autos /5 are very, very cool.  I heard grumblings that the white ice look too much like the silver, but the two I hit were immediately identifiable… hell, I thought the first one was a super.  I hit a Manny Machado black auto and it is a very cool hit!
  6. Many are claiming that the 2013 cases will plummet in prices because of the large print run.  I do not think this will be the case long term.  I wish I had the money to hoard jumbo cases long term… the redemptions do not expire until 2016.

I had a blast running these breaks and hope to run many, many more.

About the author: Houdini

Houdini has been hosting group breaks on Blowout Cards since 2011. He has pulled the Dylan Bundy, Manny Banuelos, Ty Hensley, and Danny Toussaint superfractor autos for his group break participants.


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